In order to maximize your success with hypnosis, please be aware of the important points presented here. Remember that hypnosis is a "joint project" between you and the hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist provides the appropriate words, suggestions and skills and also helps to create a comfortable understanding of what is involved, as well as a rapport with the client or student. Your part of the "project" includes willingness, motivation and cooperation. People who are conscientious about completing the program are especially likely to have very satisfying results. Those who make the mistake of not staying with the program or following recommendations may never know how close success might have been!

Hypnosis is simply the creative use of the receptive subconscious mind for the purpose of replacing counterproductive, unhealthy or unsatisfying attitudes, responses and habit patterns with new, positive, life-enhancing ones. It is safe and effective when used properly. The desired results are usually attained much more easily - and quickly - with hypnosis than with other methods, such as willpower. Because people vary in the time needed to establish the new patterns, it is essential to be patient and positive.

During hypnosis a person may feel some subtle and unusual sensations, or may feel nothing different at all. Generally, suggestions will be remembered after a session. The subconscious mind is what receives the suggestions and acts upon them, either right away or somewhat later, whether or not the person thinks anything is happening. People have the ability to accept only suggestions that are in agreement with their personal standards. A person in a hypnotic state, if left alone, would either fall asleep for awhile or simply return to a non-hypnotic state.

You go into and out of a hypnotic state very frequently in your daily life. Having the opportunity to be exposed to positive suggestions and programming during such a state is an excellent way to create tremendously satisfying changes in your life!